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About me


Hey! I'm Nikki...

I help you regain a feeling of control over your body, and a strong sense of self
-worth in the body you're in right now. My philosophy is that mindset and education underpin any kind of progress, so I give you all the knowledge you need to live a healthier life, as well as identifying patterns that do not serve you (and helping you create new, effective ones that do). 

Hey You,
I know you...
I used to be like you; confused at what training was ‘right’, frustrated at eating ‘healthy’ but seeing minimal results, overwhelmed at all of the conflicting info out there, exhausted at never having anything just for me.
The health and wellbeing industry doesn't really help you feel better about yourself or teach you how to have control over your body. What it does do is show you endless images of flawless women and yet another magical fad that will 'cure' you. Inevitably, setting you up to compare and feel like a constant failure. 

This isn't real. This isn't me. This isn't what I want for you, I want you to feel normal and real. I want you to be educated on how to eat or move to suit your goals. I want you to learn how your brain works, so that you can truly 'change your mindset' and be that vivacious, optimistic, confident person you want to be!

Whether you're a mum or not. Whether you work long hours or run after kids. Whether you want to build muscle or shed some weight... we're all the same. You need to learn how to accept yourself as you are before you can grow, and then use education and knowledge to do so.

Say it with me: 'no more paying for bulk made meal plans or workouts!'

Nikki Chamberlain



I truly believe that coaches should educate their clients thoroughly so that they can maintain results and habits long after we have stopped working together.


You're not in comp prep. You're a real woman with responsibilities and a busy life. You need flexibility.

I genuinely want to teach you everything you need to know so that you're never confused or ashamed again. I want to help you work through the barriers that are holding you back from being your best self. I want to help you find motivation from within, not only external drives. I want to teach you, not just give you something to comply to.

You deserve to be proud of the things your body can do, without seeing yourself as flawed.

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